About Abhishek Alloys

Abhishek Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is a medium scale industry situated at Machhe Industrial Estate, Belgaum. It was promoted by Shri. Madhwa. N. Acharya, the Managing Director of the organisation. The manufacturing process started in the year 1981 under the name of M/S Abhishek Industries and later on the operations were shifted to Abhishek Alloys Pvt. Ltd. In the year 1994. Since its inception, Abhishek Alloys has increased its production capacity of 200 tons per year to 3000 tons per year. The organisation has a built up area of 2.5 acres and engaged in manufacturing of C.I. and S.G. Iron castings by 100% shell moulding process. Our clientele includes customers from Automobile, Hydraulics, Power Generation, Construction and O.E.M’s.

Why Abhishek Alloys?

  • Keen on developing complex design castings with ultimate quality.

  • Capable of producting wide range of C.I and S.G Iron castings weighing from 1 kg to 100 kgs in shell moulding process.

  • Fully equipped with machine shop and Austempering Process.


  • Committed to meet customer’s expectations by improving product quality through continual improvement process.

  • By meeting delivery schedules as per changing needs of the customers.

Our Vision

Abhishek Alloys vision is to upgrade infrastructure facilities with the advanced technology, healthy environment for catering the needs of the customers.

Abhishek Alloys Today

Is in a position to develop any intricate castings at a price customer can afford, quality as per customer requirements that sets apart.


The organisation focuses on meeting and exceeding customer’s requirements and established a customer oriented and internationally accepted quality systems. It has established a quality policy, which is framed, considering customer requirements and focus on continuous improvement through involvement of all the employees. Abhishek Alloys believes and nurtures the skill of all the employees as a family and utmost importance is given for the safety aspects and good environment.